What can JG Lubricant Services fluid analysis program do for you?

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Conducting oil and coolant analysis on a regular basis minimizes equipment downtime thereby increasing overall revenue. A coolant and oil analysis program allows you to plan maintenance downtime through “predictive maintenance”. Oil and coolant analysis can diagnose problems and determine when attention is needed. It can also determine the remaining useful life of the oil or coolant and tell you how the equipment is responding to changes occurring in the oil or coolant over time. Oil and coolant analysis lets you “see” into the equipment and determine the overall health of the unit. Whether it’s an engine, a transmission, a differential or a cooling system, the important thing to keep in mind is that knowing the state of the oil, the coolant, and the equipment gives you maximum flexibility in planning the best downtime so you can keep wear to a minimum and prevent failures. Without oil and coolant analysis, you’re kept in the dark on what’s happening in the oil, the coolant, and the equipment and you end up simply reacting to problems whenever they occur instead of catching them at an early stage before big, more expensive, problems occur.

Extend Oil Drain Intervals

Oil drain intervals can be extended if the coolant and oil analyzer says it’s OK to continue running without an oil change. This can only be accomplished through oil and coolant analysis. Many things including contamination and thermal breakdown affect oil and coolants. Oil and coolant analysis can tell you if you can run longer drain intervals without compromising equipment life. Extended drain intervals means less maintenance costs associated with oil and coolant changes. Oil and coolant analysis can help you gain the data you need to extend drain intervals. Remember, when you simply drain oil or change coolant without sampling and analysis, you’re just throwing away valuable information. The information gained from oil and coolant analysis can be used to optimize PM (Preventive Maintenance) schedules. This saves money by reducing costs associated with maintaining oil and coolant inventory and disposal.

Extend Equipment Life

Using a coolant and oil analysis program has been shown to extend equipment life by stopping wear before it results in equipment failure. Equipment life is a function of wear rate on the individual components (gears, bearings, bushings, seal rings, etc.) used in the engine, transmission, differential, or cooling system. If oil and coolants deteriorate, or if they have an excessive amount of contaminants, then abrasive or chemical wear can become a real issue. Only oil and coolant analysis allows you to determine oil and coolant condition and the amount of contaminants circulating through the oil and coolant.

Identify Minor Problems Before They Become Major Failures

This is really fundamental to coolant and oil analyzers. The only way to have a clear idea of what is going on in your systems is through sampling of your oil and cooling system. Understanding what’s going on inside can “only” be accomplished through oil and coolant analysis. Without oil and coolant analysis, you don’t even know you have minor problems, let alone major problems that may result in complete failure and equipment breakdown at the worst possible time. Wouldn’t it be better to know what’s going on and be able to predict when problems occur but are still small enough to do no real harm? For instance, can you afford to have equipment fail and stop during normal service hours or while you’re “on the road”? Can you afford to lose refrigerated cargo? Let us help you keep problems to an absolute minimum and optimize equipment uptime through oil and coolant analysis.

Increase Resale Value

This is something you may not have thought about. Imagine buying a used truck, a used reefer, or any other piece of used equipment. Then, imagine your relief when the seller offers to show you the complete history of the coolant and oil analyzer for the equipment. Wouldn’t you feel better if the seller could show you a clean and wear free history on the equipment? Or, imagine you plan to sell your used equipment down the road; you might want to consider oil and coolant analysis records as part of the selling points. Having a history of oil and coolant analysis showing a clean and wear free system makes your sale all that much easier as you reduce the buyer’s overall risk of future problems because you’ve kept up the maintenance and you have oil and coolant analysis data to prove it. It can help to “seal the deal”.

Minimize Warranty Risks

A coolant and oil analysis program reduces warranty risks by keeping wear to a minimum. Warranty typically covers parts and workmanship. This is ultimately based on statistical data and known failure rates, which in turn determine how long the system is designed to run until a percentage of the warranted units fail. With this in mind, it can be said that the best chance of maximizing design failure life is by maintaining wear at a minimum and keeping the system clean through proper filtration and proper change intervals. Oil and coolant analysis allows you to know the amount of contaminants in the system and how much wear is taking place at a given time. Knowing these things and reacting to them through preventive and predictive maintenance can greatly reduce overall warranty risk while maximizing equipment uptime and improving equipment life.

Reduce Equipment Downtime

Having coolant and oil analyzers is useful in maintaining equipment in the best shape possible. By understanding the state of the oil and the coolant and how the equipment is responding to changes in the oil and/or coolant, you can predict maintenance and plan the best time to take the equipment out of service. Oil and coolant analysis helps you to avoid unanticipated failures that can take equipment out of service for days waiting on parts to arrive that you didn’t know you would need. A vehicle or piece of equipment in the garage is not making revenue. Only through oil and coolant analysis can you anticipate maintenance needs and plan the best time for service. So, make it a point to contact JG Lubricant Services to see how oil and coolant analysis can reduce your equipment downtime and maximize you equipment revenue.