This photo shows our company President, Tom Johnson, back around 1992, when he held the position of Transmission Fluids Engineer at Allison Transmission. The photo appeared in Allison's monthly company magazine "Changing Gears". In the photo, Tom holds an oil container showing an Allison logo which he had fabricated in his garage after changing oil in a family vehicle. Tom used the "mockup" as a visual aid to gain enthusiasm for a project that later led to the development and release of TranSynd, a product that is widely used today in trucks, buses and RVs all across America.


I've applied my passion for helping others to the way we do business at JG Lubricant Services. Whether our customer is an individual who's caring for family vehicles or someone responsible for a large number of vehicles or equipment, our goals are the same: to deliver accurate and repeatable data that allows customers to gain a better understanding of the true condition of their vehicles and equipment. For Fleet Managers and Maintenance Directors, this means that we deliver the scientific data needed to maintain vehicles and equipment so that they remain as worry free and reliable as possible. Our products and services are designed to help individuals maintain their personal vehicles and equipment and enable Fleet Owners to maximize revenue gained through their vehicles and equipment. Customers receive easy to understand test reports that contain all the information necessary to "fine tune" Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedules to optimize oil and coolant change intervals. improve equipment uptime, reduce overall maintenance expense, increase equipment reliability, and increase resale values.

Tom Johnson
Company President