Oil Sampling Procedure

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Coolant Sampling Procedure

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Standard Products (see descriptions below pricing)   

Part Number Kit Description* Pricing
JGOA21 Basic Oil Analysis Kit (single) $23.49
JGOA22 Advanced Oil Analysis Kit (single) $29.99
JGOA25 Ultimate Oil Analysis Kit (single) $44.99
JGOA23 Basic Oil Analysis Kit (3-pack) $66.49
JGOA24 Advanced Oil Analysis Kit (3-pack) $84.99
JGOA26 Ultimate Oil Analysis Kit (3-pack) $127.99
JGCA21 Coolant Analysis Kit (single) $36.49
JGVP01 Vacuum Pump, Red (for oil) $26.40
JGVP02 Vacuum Pump, Blue (for coolant) $26.40
PUPSND Prepaid UPS Next Day Return Label (to nearest lab) $45.00
* The JGVP01 Vacuum Pump is required for oil analysis kits. The JGVP02 Vacuum Pump is required for coolant analysis kits. Vacuum pumps are reusable. Only need to buy once.


Oil Analysis Kit Description

Basic Oil Analysis Kit
Includes Metals Analysis (wear metals, contaminant metals and additive metals), Viscosity at 100C , Water Content and Soot Content

Advanced Oil Analysis Kit
May be used for engines, transmissions, gear boxes, differentials, or refrigerator truck circulation motors.
Includes all of the tests included in the Basic Oil Analysis Kit plus TBN (Total Base Number) for engine oil samples, TAN (Total Acid Number) for non-engine oil samples and Oxidation/Nitration.

Ultimate Oil Analysis Kit
Recommended for Heavy Duty fleet analysis where filtration information is also required.
Includes all of the tests included in the Advanced Oil Analysis Kit plus an evaluation of either iron wear or general system debris. Note: Testing performed to evaluate system debris and/or iron wear is based on component type and/or oil type (see System Debris definitions below). Where filter media size is known, the kit can be used to evaluate whether or not filters are providing expected filtration by measuring system particles and them to filter media size. As with the Advanced Oil Analysis Kit, this kit may also be used to extend drain intervals in addition to measuring system debris.
  Coolant Analysis Kit
This kit is designed for advanced coolant testing and includes the following tests: pH, % glycol, Freeze Point, Boiling Point, Nitrite content, Specific Conductivity, Foam Break Time, Carboxylic Acid (pass/fail), Corrosion Metals, Contaminant Metals, and Inhibitor Metals