Marine Technical Sheet

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Oil Sampling Procedure

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Coolant Sampling Procedure

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Marine Flyer

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Marine Oil Analysis

Want to reduce overall maintenance costs and avoid possible failures in your marine engine, transmission and generator?

We offer scientific testing of marine lubricants and coolants to strict ASTM standards. Our systems and certified laboratories are designed to produce accurate and repeatable data with quick turnaround (typically 24-48 hours). You receive a detailed report that includes easy to understand comments and recommendations. We tell you what we found and what you should do to maintain your marine equipment and minimize problems. All data and all reports are kept on our "user friendly" electronic database and available for internet access at any time (day or night). This is especially useful for maintenance personnel and marine surveyors who have responsibility for multiple customers, multiple vessels, and/or multiple marinas.

With oil and coolant analysis, you'll find it easy to maintain your marine equipment so it stays as "worry free" as possible. We understand how important it is to remain seaworthy and ready to meet the demands of the day. As "Your Partners in Marine Reliability", we are dedicated to helping you maintain your marine equipment in tip top shape while enabling you to reduce operating costs and maximize equipment uptime.

Give us a call today at 877-971-7799 to see how you can begin oil and coolant analysis on your marine equipment.

ASTM = American Society for Testing and Materials