Motor & Automotive Oil Analysis

JG Lubricant Services offers motor oil analysis for many different types of equipment and a host of different applications including engines, transmissions, differentials, generators, refrigeration equipment (reefer units) APUs (Auxiliary Power Units) and gas sources. Our automotive oil analysis is designed to meet your needs and provide both individuals and fleet managers with complete data that shows the overall health of both the oil and the host equipment.

Auto oil analysis has been proven to be a very effective way to maintain equipment, minimize maintenance costs and ensure against equipment breakdown and loss of use or lost revenue. We provide motor oil analysis kits for many vehicle types and systems from School Buses to Recreational Vehicles, Concrete Mixers, Over the Road trucks, Transit Buses, Commercial Fishing Boats, Refrigerated Trucks, automobiles and Wind Turbines. Our auto oil analysis kit provides the user with a detailed, yet easy to understand, report that covers all of the test results and shows the outcome of the automotive oil analysis.

Our motor oil analysis kit is packaged in convenient either singles or 3-packs for individual sales through the online store. Kits are also available in convenient 10-packs for fleet use and quantity discounts, on all of our automotive oil analysis kit types, are available from orders of 50 kits up to 1000 kit orders.

The JG Lubricant Services motor oil analysis kit is designed to meet all your equipment maintenance needs and ensures your equipment remains as "worry free" as possible. In an effort to meet all system demands, we have developed and currently market (3) levels of testing including our Basic motor oil analysis kits, an Advanced oil and lubricant analysis kit and an Ultimate analysis oil kit. Our oil and lubricant analysis service and motor oil analysis data gives you peace of mind in knowing your equipment is protected through scientifically proven testing and analysis methods.

So be sure you don't get caught by unanticipated problems that leave your equipment off the road and in the repair shop where it's not in use and/or not making revenue. Choose the engine oil analysis kit or lubricant analysis kit that fits your needs and maintenance requirements.