Top Used Engine Oil Analysis Labs

If you’re looking for a place to have a used engine oil analysis completed, you might want to consider testing at JG Lubricant Services. JG Lubricant Services is a veteran and woman owned company and is considered to be among the top engine oil analysis labs in the United States. They specialize in used engine oil analysis but also offer a “Full Service Menu” of testing including analysis of new and used oils and coolants from engines, transmissions, differentials, generator units, APUs and refrigeration units from a wide range of vehicles including cars, pickup trucks, heavy duty trucks (HDTs), RVs, school buses, city transit buses, Over-the-Road trucks, construction equipment and marine equipment. In addition to oil testing, they also offer coolant testing and fuel testing and can run tests for both diesel and bio-diesel fuels.

Today’s economy dictates that fleet managers and fleet service supervisors do everything possible to stretch their maintenance budget. Fleet equipment should be up and running and making revenue and not down for costly engine or driveline repairs. Used engine oil analysis along with used driveline fluid analysis can greatly reduce downtime through predictive maintenance. To this end, many fleets are learning that oil and coolant analysis can help reduce maintenance by helping them move from Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedules, where oil and coolant changes are based on accumulated mileage or calendar time, to Predictive Maintenance where oil and coolant changes are based on condition monitoring through scientific testing. Engine oil analysis labs offer the tests needed to monitor both oils and coolants to determine the amount of degradation and contamination that has taken place over a given number of miles. This allows fleet managers to assess change intervals and extend them where possible while maintaining performance and durability of the equipment. This allows lower maintenance budgets and gives fleet owners an edge against their competition while keeping their fleet’s engine and driveline components as “worry free” as possible.

Engine oil analysis labs, such as JG Lubricant Services, cannot only reduce maintenance budgets by helping to extend oil and coolant change intervals, but they can also help protect equipment against unforeseen wear conditions which can worsen over time and lead to unplanned equipment and vehicle downtime and expensive repairs.