Oil Analysis Results & Interpretation

JG Lubricant Services believes in providing our customers with as much information as possible in order to equip them with the knowledge they need to keep their vehicles and equipment in top working condition and ready for use.

Our detailed reports present in-depth oil analysis results and oil analysis interpretation. But sometimes this information is more than most folks can digest; so, we offer clear concise easy to understand explanations of what we see and offer comments and recommendations in “layman’s terms” telling you exactly what to do. This valuable information can be found in the “Comments” section of our reports. We do this so that there’s no doubt about what needs to be done to either correct an oil issue or a part wear problem as soon as you receive your answers.

It is true that our detailed reports list all of the oil analysis results in scientific detail; but, we make it easy. We follow the data up with easy to understand comments and instructions on just what the tests show and offer clear recommendations on what to do next. We don’t expect you to become an oil or coolant expert so we help out by explaining the results and what effect they have on the oil, the coolant, and/or the equipment being tested.

Research shows that typical oil analysis results and oil analysis interpretation are, at first, difficult for most of our customers to grasp. That’s why we offer expert opinion in the comments section of the report. Most customers will not be able to interpret the oil analysis results and may even feel overwhelmed by the individual test results and even the report in general.

So, don’t worry if you don’t understand what all those numbers mean on the report. We’ve designed our reports with the customer in mind. We give you what you need without your having to fully understand the actual data or how one reading might have bearing on another reading. Just leave the oil analysis results and oil analysis interpretation to us. We’ll provide everything you need in the comments section of the report.

If you still need help, simply give us a call on our toll free Customer Service line at 877-251-8315 and tell us what you need.