Engine Coolant Analysis

Did you know that 40% of all engine failures are the result of a poorly maintained cooling system? If left unchecked, scale and other mineral deposits can build up over time and lead to poor cooling efficiency and pitting corrosion. This can lead to costly engine repairs. You might be in the early stages where coolant problems are minor or you could be close to a serious failure of the coolant and face a big repair bill. So, ask yourself, how would I know where I stand? Is my coolant OK or does it have problems?

Let's examine traditional "shade tree" maintenance. We all tend to think of a coolant problem meaning an insufficient anti-freeze level. We go to the local store and spend a couple of bucks on an anti-freeze check kit (the one with the little floating balls). Yep, sure enough, the anti-freeze gadget tells us we're good to only 0F. So, we add some anti-freeze and check it again. Or, we have the opposite problem. The reading is too low so we grab the garden hose and top off the radiator.

Scientifically based periodic coolant analysis is the real answer. Through JG Lubricant Services' engine coolant analysis program, you'll not only know if the anti-freeze level (freeze point) is correct, but you'll know everything else you need to know to avoid cooling system repairs and keep your cooling system as "worry free" as possible. JG Lubricant Services offers an engine coolant analysis test kit tests for elemental metals, pH, glycol %, freeze point, boiling point, nitrites, SCA (Supplemental Coolant Additives) number, total dissolved solids, specific conductance, total hardness and a visual inspection that includes color, oil, fuel, magnetic precipitate, non-magnetic precipitate, odor and foam.

Our engine coolant analysis kit allows you to detect coolant problems related to contamination, worn out coolant additives, incorrect mixtures, and/or poor source water quality. You'll be able to find and fix problems long before they can lead to significant cooling system problems or failure. Coolant analysis is essential in determining coolant degradation and/or contamination. An annual engine coolant analysis can help maintain your cooling system in as "worry free" condition as possible and minimize the chances of experiencing costly engine problems related to degraded and/or contaminated coolants.

Sampling is easy and the instructions are available for reading, printing and downloading on our online store webpage. Be sure to order a coolant vacuum pump (P/N JGVP02). Note: Never use the same vacuum pump to draw both oil samples and coolant samples. We recommend you maintain one vacuum pump just for oil sampling and another one just for coolant sampling.

Engine coolant analysis kits are available in a single pack for individuals and a convenient 10-pack for fleets. So, why not become proactive and start periodic coolant analysis testing today. Stop by our online store at www.jglubricantservices.com/online_store.html and pick up a vacuum pump and coolant analysis kit today. You'll be well on your way to care free cooling.